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Misty Edwards IHOP Prayer Room worship set

This is a beautiful worship set from Misty Edwards recorded live at the IHOP prayer room on New Year’s Day. If you watched Onething 2011, I trust you were blessed, inspired, and rejuvenated as I was. Well, consider this is how Misty Edwards ushered in the presence of the Holy Spirit on New Year’s Day. The worship set is very meditative, smooth, and reflective. There is a beautiful drumbeat and you can see Cassie on bass behind Misty and David Brymer plays the cello. David Brymer joined Misty Edwards during Onething 2011 and the two released a new CD, which is fabulous: Measure of Love. You can actually listen to it below- it is from Bandcamp.

The IHOP ministry and especially IHOP Prayer Room has blessed me so many times. I understand that for some Christians, the idea of 24/7 prayer and worship seems far out, but it is actually Biblically based. I also understand that some think the idea of praying and interceding for Jesus’ return seems “crazy” and maybe even out of this world- but this too is Biblical. Therefore, if you think it is crazy, that is your prerogative, but do not say it is not Biblical or Scriptural because it is.
Luke 2 tells us about the prayer warrior and prophetess Anna who stayed in the temple day and night fasting, praying and interceding. I will use the Common English Version of the Bible. This is Luke 2:36-38 and it reads, “The prophet Anna was also there in the temple. She was the daughter of Phanuel from the tribe of Asher, and she was very old. In her youth, she had been married for seven years, but her husband died.

37And now she was eighty-four years old. Night and day, she served God in the temple by praying and often going without eating.

38At that time Anna came in and praised God. She spoke about the child Jesus to everyone who hoped for Jerusalem to be set free.”

What is beautiful is that the prophets and prophetesses were praying, fasting, and interceding for Jesus’ first appearance on earth. The passage directly before the account of the praying, fasting, prophesying Anna is about Simeon. In verses 22-27, it states that God’s Spirit came upon Simeon and told him that he would not die until he sees Jesus. Not only did Simeon see Jesus and hold him in his hands, but he then turned around and delivered a prophetic word to Mary.

You may read the account in Luke 2: 22-34.

Now some think that the prophetic gifts ceased when the apostle died. This is simply rubbish and there is nothing in the Bible that indicates that. When the Holy Spirit was poured out in Acts 2 it was a fulfillment of Joel 2 (easy to remember- Acts 2 and Joel 2) - both passages state that God will give the Holy Spirit to sons and daughters, including prophecy, signs, and wonders. Acts 2 states, “In the last days,” and states that God will pour out His spirit on all flesh.

So, obviously, these are the last days, and if you are a believer you are a part of the “everyone” that is a son and daughter of God. The Holy Spirit is for ALL Believers: not just the apostles in the early church.

My heart goes out to those believers that continually quench the working of the Holy Spirit. There is such an incredible divine level of supernatural blessing that we can live in. However, in order to access that spiritual plane you have to first acknowledge the Holy Spirit, His Presence, His Gifts, and His Divine Personhood. The Holy Spirit is a person and if you expect to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it would be a good idea to not offend Him by denying His existence.
The Holy Spirit is here and the gifts of the Spirit continue to operate. However, there are many who abuse God’s gifts and pervert them for their own greed and lust, that does not deny the Holy Spirit’s existence, purposes, and plans.

Open your heart to the Holy Spirit and let Him be your counselor and guide. He will lead you into a deeper relationship with Jesus through whom you cannot access the Father.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus, more deeply to those whom you have called and who will answer the love cry of your heart. May they see Jesus as the Mighty Warrior that is coming to bring true peace and justice to the earth. May they honor Jesus Christ as the Righteous Son of God who has earned the title of King of Kings and Lord of Lords. May they accept the free gift of salvation paid for by the shed blood of your precious son, Jesus Christ, who was the blameless, perfect Lamb, sacrificed according to Old Testament customs established in the heavenlies for the forgiveness of sin.

I glorify you Jesus for your sacrifice, for your obedience, for your love, and for your great mercy that you poured out. You offered yourself to death, hell, and the grave and you are the Mighty Victorious Warrior that took the keys of death, rose from the dead, and paved the way for us to have eternal life in glory with you.
I ask that you show your love, mercy, and grace to those who are oppressed by the bonds of sin, wickedness, and injustice.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lots of Justin Rizzo videos on VIMEO

I'm actually working right now and don't want to lose this little gold mine I stumbled upon. It's a lot of awesome videos by Justin Rizzo of IHOP-KC on Vimeo. Here is the link so I don't lose it. Justin Rizzo Vimeo I wanted to add this video though---

Irish Selah with Susanna Erwin on, love, love this! Makes me feel like dancing a jig, lol.

Irish Selah from Justin Rizzo on Vimeo.

Mighty Warrior: Jonathan Baldwin

This is an extremely powerful CD. It is Jonathan Baldwin who is an intercessor, worship leader at IHOP-KC. It is a true cry for justice for the unborn and a cry to end abortion.

Onething Live: Before His Eyes

Simple Devotion: Worship from IHOP-KC

Apostolic Prayers Dwayne Roberts Ephesisans 3: 14-21

This is quite possibly the first song I ever heard from IHOP and I fell in love with it. I loved the combination of reading or reciting Scripture and then following with musical reflection or interpretation of the Bible passages. Ephesians 3 is an important prayer for strengthening the innerman. You can listen below.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Misty Edwards Cathedral: Video

Wow...I really don't know what to say about this song, except if there was only one person I could ever listen to musically for the rest of my life it would undoubtedly be Misty Edwards.

This is the most beautiful prophetic song I have ever heard.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cory Asbury Videos

Cory Asbury Worship with the Word

Cory Asbury Intercession

Cory Asbury, Mike Bickle: Jesus King of All nations

Please be patient as player loads

Fascinate 2011: Videos

Tue Jul 12 2:00PM Session 1 Fascinate 2011

Misty Edwards - Corey Russell

Tue Jul 12 7:30PM Session 2 Fascinate 2011

Misty Edwards - Mike Bickle

Wed Jul 13 9:00AM Session 3 Fascinate

Misty Edwards - Mike Bickle

Wed Jul 13 2:00PM Session 4 Fascinate

Matt Gilman - David Sliker

Wed Jul 13 7:30PM Session 5 Fascinate 2011

Matt Gilman - Allen Hood

Thu Jul 14 10:00PM Session 6 Fascinate 2011

Laura Hackett - Shelley Hundley

Thu Jul 14 7:30PM Session 8 Fascinate 2011

Cory Asbury - David Sliker - The Greatness of our Promised Inheritance (Eph. 1:11-14)

Fri Jul 15 9:00AM Session 9 Fascinate 2011

Jon Thurlow - Misty Edwards

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IHOP-KC: Intercession Hellen Lee

12:00AM Wednesday January 4

Hellen Lee

12:00AM Wednesday January 4

Hellen Lee


Bryan McCleery Intercession

IHOP-KC Prayer Room:  10:00AM Tuesday January 3

Bryan McCleery


Magnificent Obsession: Laura Hackett/JoAnn McFatter (videos, chords, and lyrics)

The Spirit and the Bride say Come Lord Jesus
I was surprised to see the blogosphere crediting Laura Hackett with the song "Magnificent Obsession" and I guess as I'm in my mid 40s, many of these youngins maybe don't remember (or don't know) about JoAnn McFatter. I'm not sure if JoAnn is still around IHOP-KC, as I saw she has been busy with White Dove Ministries, but

if I'm not mistaken, she is the one who wrote the song. I could be wrong, but I think this song was penned by one of the first to join Mike Bickle in singing the song of the Lord. In fact, I never even heard of the "song of the Lord" until I found out about JoAnn McFatter. My how IHOP-KC has grown!

One of my favorite JoAnn McFatter songs is "Lover of my Soul" and I'm not sure how everyone at IHOP-KC feels about sharing songs, but I sure would love to hear Misty Edwards sing that one. For a while (for the early part of the new millenium) it was quite difficult to find any JoAnn McFatter on YouTube, but now more videos are popping up. Here is one of a woman dancing to JoAnn McFatter's "Lover of my Soul."

Also, here is JoAnn McFatter singing Magnificent Obsession.

Well, since I'm on JoAnn McFatter, I'll share some more of my favorite songs.

Sapphire Sea by Joann McFatter

Cloud by Day Fire by Night by Joann McFatter

Beauty by JoAnn McFatter

Here is Laura Hackett singing Magnificent Obsession with chords and lyrics below.

Magnificent Obsession Chords and Lyrics

Magnificent Obsession

Cm                                    Fm
   There is only One who is holy
         Gm                    Fm
Only this One, yeah, who is good

Cm                                 Fm
   Rightly I say, “How I love Him”
  Gm                                Fm
Following wherever He goes

Cm                             Fm
   Oh how I love this Man, Jesus
Gm                                        Fm
   His purpose is my heart’s desire

Cm                         Fm
He’s my magnificent obsession
Gm                               Fm
   Passion for Him burns like fire
Gm                                Fm
   (Passion for Him burns like fire)

Cm                                                  Fm
   And when I find Him whom my soul does love
      Gm                                Fm
Embracing Him, I’ll not let go

               Cm                  Fm
For His banner of love abides over me
 Gm                         Fm
Ending the dark night of my soul

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mike Bickle talks homosexuality, is being gay the greatest sin? (videos)

As seen on Christian Living at

Make no mistake about it, the leader of International House of Prayer in Kansas City will readily admit that he believes homosexuality is a sin; but he is not going to heap condemnation or burning coals on the heads of those who profess they are gay or lesbian.  Nor is he going to theologically banish believers from the Kingdom of God due to their struggles.

Mike Bickle released a new video in the “Ask Mike Bickle” series titled "Is Homosexuality the Greatest Sin?”  The video was uploaded on December 29, 2011 as part of Mike Bickle’s online ministry, which includes the International House of Prayer Kansas City and Mike Bickle YouTube channels.  During the Q and A, Mike Bickle spent more time speaking about the sexual sins of heterosexuals than he did condemning the lifestyle of gay and lesbians.  It was a move that might set him apart from other church leaders in the Body of Christ.

In the video which you may see in the player below,  Mike Bickle spoke about all sexual activity outside of the confines of a marriage as defined between a man and a woman as sin. He also spoke about forgiveness, God’s mercy, and that every believer has a responsibility to declare or wage war on his or her own personal sins.

Mike Bickle was asked, “Can a Christian engage in homosexual acts and still be a believer?”  Mike Bickle replied, “Before I even address the homosexuality, although I think anybody who knows me would know my views, far more intense, is heterosexuality immorality.”  He spoke about the amount of people who have what he described as a “dulled conscience” in regards to sexual immorality.  He spoke about ministers who are in sexual immorality then preach as if nothing was wrong.  He did not say he believes that God stops using people in sin, but specified that we need to declare war on our sin.

Mike Bickle then said, “I believe that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage-one man, one woman- is sinful; all of it.”  He then spoke of the importance of resisting sin and ensuring that believers, no matter how hard they struggle with sexual immorality, never make peace with their sin.  He also stated that he does not believe the act of sexual immorality is what eventually causes a believer to fall away, but rather their long-term acceptance and practice of sin.  Mike Bickle also spoke of demonic oppression and attacks that may occur due to someone accepting their sin and turning away from God.  Mike Bickle made it clear that he was not singling out homosexuality but was speaking of all sexual immorality, and even spoke of believers who tolerate drug and alcohol use and abuse in their own lives.

Referring to homosexuality specifically, Mike Bickle stated, “If somebody is struggling with homosexuality, call it sin.  And say, ‘Lord help me.  I still have these longings.  I’m in the kingdom, I’m a genuine believer and these longings are real.”

Mike Bickle said he is not interested in calling out one sin as worse than the other, but rather that all believers need to submit to the Holy Spirit’s leadership.

“The leadership of the Holy Spirit is where safety and life is.  Let’s call people to that.”
Click the video to the left to watch the interview.  You may find out more about Mike Bickle at his official website.

Mike Bickle Official Site 
International House of Prayer Kansas City 

If you missed the IHOP-KC Onething 2011 conference, you may watch full worship and teaching sessions here:  Misty Edwards and IHOP-KC Prayer Room: Onething 2011 videos. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Misty Edwards and Mike Bickle (Videos, teachings and worship)

This post will be video heavy and may take a while to download.  Sometimes, clicking your mouse on the area where the video should appear helps it to show up. Once the videos download, however, you shouldn't have a problem.  These videos are huge and it is such a blessing that the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC) and Mike Bickle have made them available for everyone to view.
These are a collection of videos where Misty Edwards leads worship prior to Mike Bickle's teaching.

Misty Edwards leads worship at Onething 2011

Misty Edwards - Mike Bickle

Jesus, Glorious Bridegroom King

Misty Edwards - Mike Bickle

The Humility Of God

Misty Edwards, Mike Bickle

Overcoming Temptation (Rev 2)

Misty Edwards - Mike Bickle

Jesus the Son of Man

Misty Edwards & Mike Bickle

Seeking the Lord for Encounter

Misty Edwards - Mike Bickle

The Magnificence of Jesus in the Trinity

Misty Edwards & Mike Bickle

The Joy of Abiding in God’s Love

Matt Gilman and Mike Bickle (Videos, teachings and worship)

This is a pretty intensive post that will be extremely video heavy.  Matt Gilman is an awesome worship leader at IHOP-KC who really ministers prophetically and sings the song of the bride as she adores the Bridegroom, Jesus.  Matt Gilman has led plenty of worship sessions for Mike Bickle before he delivers the Word of God.  Here are some of the most recent worship sessions led by Matt Gilman and teachings and sermons delivered by Mike Bickle of IHOP.KC.  Mike Bickle freely gives a ways a LOT of material.  Not only can you find teaching notes on just about every sermon he's delivered at his official site, but he also makes some of his most popular books available for free download. One of my favorites is "Growing in the Prophetic."

Mike Bickle teaches at Onething 2011

Please be patient as the videos load.

Evolution, abortion, God and magic

If evolution were true- and life were nothing more than protoplasm that magically began evolving and breathing on its own then yes, abortion wouldn't matter. No one's life would matter as we would be the equivalent of the nastiest sludge and slime of the earth. But if life didn't magically create itself and man didn't magically learn to breathe and become alive, but rather there is a divine creator who purposed and planned for all humans to walk the earth because He loved them and He had a divine purpose and plan for them, then surely you can see how wicked and evil abortion is.

Watch movie: 180

Is human life so meaningless to you that you can justify ripping a baby out of the womb and disposing him or her (or twins, triplets, or multiples) in a garbage can or incinerator- or do you believe that every person was created by God with a purpose, plan, and destiny?

Murder is not a solution to population control. Murdering babies in the womb is the most wicked thing that man can do. Babies are murdered through abortion by being ripped apart limb by limb, being sucked out of the womb with high powered machines, are burned with saline, or have their brains removed and skulls crushed.

Read a Catholic man's account of lost fatherhood

Are you a worthless piece of slime that is alive and breathing due to a magic formula that created itself in the primordial ocean- that same ocean that Genesis 1 states covered the face of the earth when GOD began creating life here?

If God didn't breathe the breath of life into man, who did? Aliens? Or does inorganic material somehow spontaneously become alive without a direct force?

Breath is life and because a baby in the womb isn't breathing oxygen doesn't mean it is inorganic, sludge. A fetus is life.

Do you value life at all? Do you value yours? Can you truly justify exterminating a generation that God has created because you believe life magically created itself?

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